Pathways Support

Individualised Services Designed To Meet Individual Needs.

We offer a spectrum of innovative support services to vulnerable adults with a range of needs. We focus on empowerment, independence and promoting self-directed support and can offer everything from a few hours a week to 24/7 support.

Welcome to Pathways Support

We provide support and assistance to people with learning disabilities & mental health challgenges through assisted living as well as community support.

Our Aim

Is to deliver person centered support in a setting most appropriate to individual needs. That’s why Pathways services span Supported Living and Community Support.

We can provide as much or as little support as necessary, and our flexible approach means that our packages adapt to everyone’s evolving needs.

We Ensure

A robust care package is designed for each person that we support and then we work together on measurable outcomes, making certain that everyone’s needs, wishes and aspirations are the central focus of the work that we do.

Underpinning This

We have a team of highly motivated, well trained staff, together with robust systems and processes, rigorous quality assurance and a tenacity that comes from extensive experience in supporting people with complex needs that can at times, be perceived as challenging to services.

Sue Goodbrand

Managing Director

Sue Goodbrand is our Managing Director, overseeing all the services that we provide.  Sue has extensive experience in the strategic & operational management of services for people with learning disabilities.  She has worked with a broad range of client groups across a number of service models. Having in recent years been a Senior Manager & Director within large organisations, Sue brings a keen eye for quality to Pathways, which together with her passion & commitment ensures that the individuals we work with are provided with robust support packages, tailored specifically to their needs.

Sue is also an accomplished turnaround specialist, with extensive experience of managing complex business challenges to improve outcomes for people who use care & support services.

Carly Preston

Operations Manager

Carly shares Pathways passion for quality and is enthusiastic about ensuring that our service users have a comprehensive range of activities, leisure interests and exciting opportunities to pursue as well as that they get involved in the everyday running of their services.

Carly oversees all the non-residential elements of our services.

Emma Kinsey

Office Manager

Emma provides administrative support to all of our services.  She has a keen eye for organisation & ensures that all of our processes are running smoothly.  Like all of our staff team, Emma has a hands on approach with all of our service users & thoroughly enjoys spending time with them.

Emma also runs Pathways Club each Thursday ensuring all attendees have a fun packed day including arts & crafts, bingo & on special occasions an amazing disco.

Nat Thomas

Service Manager

Natalie has been with Pathways for over 20 years and in that time has gained a vast amount of experience. Natalie is extremely knowledgeable on the local community and what different services have to offer, she can help with benefits, housing and all aspects of local authority.

Natalie oversees our Supported Living and Community Support services and ensures that the individuals we work with on a non intensive basis are provided with a high quality, fun service that meets their activity and recreational needs.

Zofia Popiel

Service Manager

Zofia joined Pathways as a Support Worker in 2016 & quickly stepped into the Manager role within our more complex supported living property.

Our popular Pathways Club is held on Thursdays at Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, off Clive Road, Fratton.  Come along and join the  fun from 10am to 3pm every week.

We have a raffle and Bingo each week, as well as themed craft days and sing alongs.

Come and make some new friends. Everyone is welcome, See you soon

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to safely run Pathways Club and therefore we have had to put it on hold. We will update via the website and Facebook page as soon as we have news on opening.

Coming very soon – Pathways2Love

We are really excited to be able to tell you about our latest service – “Pathways2Love”, a specialist dating service for people with learning disabilities in Hampshire.

We will be updating our website with further information in the coming few weeks, but if you would like to know more now, please do get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you and chat to you about how we can help you find someone to share fun times with, or maybe even hook up with a long term partner.

Our new Pathways Home service is in place….

Our new venture provides temporary or permanent support to individuals leaving hospital.  Pathways Home provides not only domiciliary care but support with shopping, household chores & we’ll even feed the pets if that’s what’s needed.

Pathways Home ensures individuals can return home when they are medically fit to, safe in the knowledge that Pathways can assist with their every need providing reassurance to family that their loved ones will not have to stay in hospital any longer than they need to.

This is where people hold their own tenancy, enjoying all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. Our supported living services could be in a shared house or working with people who live on their own – either with 24 hour staffing or with drop in staff. We are able to assist people to find a home of their own by working with a range of local private landlords but we can also work with housing association tenants.

Pathways works with each tenant to develop a support package that will enable them to maximise their independence, maintain their tenancy, budget effectively and enjoy all the benefits of having a home of their own.

Having a relatively high level of need makes no difference. We can provide people with as much support as required, even if that is two staff at a time, all of the time.

The flexibility of our service will ensure that everyone gets the right amount of support to meet their own particular needs.

Sometimes called “Outreach”, this is where we provide a bespoke package of support to enable people to get out and about and enjoy life. Our staff work with people from all over Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport. Support may be as little as two hours a week to go shopping or perhaps to pursue leisure interests or it might be for a few hours every day to assist with other things.

Once again, the key to our service is the flexibility we offer.  Our package will adapt with each person’s evolving needs and to the changes in life choices that we all make. We will always strive to be the best service we can be for each individual we support.

Our pathway of services from 24/7 Registered Care to Community Outreach Support, ensures that we are able to meet any level of need. Talk to us about how we can work together.

Our Service

Our service is owned and managed by our highly experienced Care Services Director who oversees everything that we do.  When we start to work with you on a service, we set objectives and targets so that we can measure our progress and make sure we are delivering exactly what we should be.  If not we will take steps to put things right.  We actively encourage feedback from our service users and from their family, friends and care managers, so that we get a clear picture of what we do well and where we need to improve things so that we continue to meet each person’s needs in the best way that we can.

Our Operations Manager

Conducts quality audits that might lead to an action plan if things need to be improved upon and there is also an annual quality review. This review is undertaken by our Managing Director in partnership with an independent external consultant who is an experienced quality assurance director in learning disability services. The review pulls together information from a range of sources to assist us to identify potential improvements and service development opportunities.

As well as our own internal quality checks, we are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the authority that oversees all Health and Social Care Services in England.